How it Works

Step 1: Watch the weekly video.

Step 2: After watching the full video, solve the Riddle Maker's weekly riddle!

Step 3: Submit your answer to the Riddle Maker.

Step 4: Stay tuned... Correct answers are entered for a chance to win real prize money!


Sound easy? Sign up today and see if you can solve this week's riddle!

Prize Winners

Each week, The Riddle Maker spins the Wheel of Luck in order to choose the potential contest winners.

Then in a recorded spinning of the wheel one week after Riddle closing, The Riddle Maker announces the selected weekly Winner and Runner-Up.

Once they have been confirmed as eligible winners, both the Winner and the Runner-Up then take home real prize money!

Play Again

With a new contest every week, there is always a new opportunity to win!